Supporting people who are elderly and isolated

We support charities working with people who are elderly and isolated, particularly in rural areas. This may include activities to help improve people’s lives, or meal services, befriending, advice or other support.

Below are some of the charities who have recently received a grant:

Food Friends Whitstable – Awarded £5,000
Food Friends Whitstable – meal sharing service 

The charity tackles social isolation and loneliness in communities, through food and friendship. Our grant supported the meal sharing initiative to provide weekly meals, along with doorstep befriending to over 100 Whitstable residents. 

Anna Mantel, CEO says: “We have supported a diverse group of Food Friends, many of whom have faced disproportionate challenges due to the pandemic. Over 3000 meals were delivered, each one with kindness and care, combating loneliness and isolation with every delicious bite.” 

Medway African Caribbean Association – Awarded £5,000
A group exercise session at Medway African and Caribbean Association

The charity supports senior citizens primarily from African and Caribbean backgrounds providing a range of activities and delivering nutritious, culturally appropriate meals to local people. Marva Wilson-Harrison, Senior Citizens Co-ordinator told us: “The grant meant we were able to continue to provide culturally appropriate meals to those who needed them, as well as develop activities and befriending to minimise the impact of isolation. We provided our members with a variety of activities, such as Bowls, Boccia, Crafts sessions, Light Exercises, Bingo, Dominoes, a seaside excursion and expert talks… We were pleased that we managed to get most of our members back to regular attendance and out of isolation from May 2021 onwards.” 

Kent Coast Volunteering – Awarded £5,000
Kent Coast Volunteering Good Neighbour’s Service – Patricia and her befriender Paul 

The grant funded a Co-ordinator, enabling the charity to deliver its Good Neighbour’s Service for isolated people over 60 across Thanet, Dover, and Folkestone & Hythe districts. Dedicated volunteer befrienders are introduced to one or more people, and they make arrangements to meet in a way that suits them both. Most volunteers will visit weekly, and may sit and chat, help them get out the house for a walk and to build up their confidence, assist with shopping, and much more. One client, Patricia (pictured above) said “Last week I was able to go for a walk down at the seafront for the first time since lockdown with my volunteer, and before that, my volunteer very kindly asked, “Would you like me to telephone you once a week?…it’s really nice to meet someone who would be thoughtful like that.” 

Romney Marsh Community Hub – Awarded £5,000
Preparing food for their community meal service

The charity focuses on helping people in the community aged 50+ with their wellbeing, health and independence. “The funding we were awarded from The Philip and Connie Phillips Foundation has enabled us to continue to run our community hot meals service. This is an essential service for some of our elderly residents, especially those in rural locations, as it not only provides them with hot meals, but also serves as a welfare check.” 

Strengthening local communities

We support charities to improve people’s health and wellbeing. This could include providing access to services, supporting people and families facing financial hardship (such as foodbanks and debt advice) or helping to combat isolation (such as befriending services or social inclusion projects). 

Below are some of the charities who have recently received a grant:

Thanet Community Development Trust – Awarded £10,000 
Thanet Community Development Trust hosting a Craft Club 

Every year the Trust helps around 500 people in Thanet, Kent. The Philip and Connie Phillips Foundation supported their work with a grant towards Craft Club, a social inclusion project. Andrew Morris at the Trust told us: “Through PCPF’s support, almost 60 people were able to access this service and gain confidence, make new friends, improve their physical and mental wellbeing, learn new skills, and be a part of society again. Without PCPF’s support, this would not have been possible and dozens of new friendships would never have happened.” 

Making a Difference to Maidstone – Awarded £5,000 

The charity’s many services include a foodbank supplying all things for house and home as well as food; an outreach centre for practical, emotional and spiritual support; sign-posting, temporary accommodation for the homeless, and general well-being support and guidance for those in crisis. The funding enabled the charity to reach many more people in need in Maidstone. 

Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre – Awarded £7,500 

The grant went towards running the Social Pantry – aimed at reducing food waste, food insecurity and social isolation. In its weekly community shop, members can choose from fresh, tinned and snack goods. The project aims to decrease food insecurity and increase community engagement and supports over 50 households a week. More than 25 tonnes of food has been diverted from landfill since its opening in September 2020. 

Supporting people with a long-term health condition or disability 

We fund charities who support people living with disabilities and long-term health conditions, including helping people manage at home independently.

Below are some of the charities who have recently received a grant:

Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre – Awarded £5,000  
A hydrotherapy session at Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre 

As the only dedicated therapy centre in Kent, the centre operates six days a week. Our grant enabled it to provide specialist physiotherapy-based activities for people living with Multiple Sclerosis and other long-term conditions. Beverley Callaghan, told us: “Since receiving the grant, we have significantly increased the number of people taking part in specialist physio-/hydrotherapy and exercise classes. Project activities included physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, gym sessions, swimming, aqua yoga, clinical Pilates, and seated yoga to name a few. As for the application process itself, the eligibility criteria, applications guidelines and application process was very clear.”   

Hi Kent – Awarded £8,500 

The charity supports people who are deaf and hard of hearing. The grant helped set up a new Outreach Programme of social groups for older people living with a hearing loss. The group provides the added benefit of peer support from others who are in the same position, being able to swap stories and coping strategies, and form new friendships.

Headway Kent – Awarded £5,000 

The charity aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers. The grant allowed the charity to increase the hours of the Community Link Worker who supports people with acquired brain injury. 

21 Together – Awarded £10,000 

Providing support for family members, carers, friends and professionals supporting children and young people with Down’s syndrome. Our grant was used for core funding, to support the organisation’s future development, sustainability and general running costs.  

Supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness 

We support charities who help people who are homeless, lack stable accommodation or are in insecure or vulnerable housing.

Below are some of the charities who have received one of our grants:

Catching Lives – Awarded £8,493 
A woodwork session, complementary to the support provided by the Mental Health team

The charity supports and provides services for rough sleepers, and those who are homeless and vulnerably housed in Canterbury and East Kent. Our grant helped fund two part-time Mental Health Outreach Specialists, who provide emotional and practical support to homeless clients. “The grant has allowed us to continue to provide vital mental health support to the clients who access our services… Our team is flexible, turning no one away and able to intervene at an early stage when clients first begin to struggle, rather than waiting until the situation spirals out of control.

This year our team carried out 452 sessions with clients, including initial Mental Health Assessments to gather information about their support needs, crisis interventions and on-going support. This work helps clients to cope with the stresses of being homeless, linking them up with external services for additional support, such as through referrals to the Community Mental Health Team.” 

Time for the Homeless – Awarded £3,750  

The charity has provided soup kitchens to homeless and vulnerable people in Medway and Maidstone for over five years. The grant was used to provide hot, home cooked meals in five different areas around Medway and Maidstone, along with food hampers for the most vulnerable people, many of whom are referred from other charities or organisations.  

Second Chance Medway – Awarded £10,000  

Second Chance Medway provides support to those facing insecure housing and food insecurity. The charity offers advice with claiming benefits and managing debts through improved budgeting skills, and support with grant applications. They also run a food aid project, enabling members to get a variety of groceries and household goods for less than supermarket prices. The grant enabled the charity to continue and expand its existing activities to tackle deprivation in Medway. 

Fairways Accommodation Support Trust – Awarded £7,500  

The Trust supports homeless and vulnerable adults, providing accommodation and support to adults with alcohol and substance abuse, and young offenders. The grant was used to help expand the Trust’s work by supporting an additional 30 homeless adults.