Please read our ‘what we fund’ page before applying to make sure you meet our criteria.

Applications for our Summer 2022 grants round are now closed. Please follow us on Twitter or check back again soon to get details of our next grants round.

Application process

We will only consider applications made on our online application form.

The application form will ask questions about:

  • Where your charity is based, the local need, and the issues you are working to address
  • What you want to do with the grant
  • Your organisation’s track record
  • How you will collaborate with other organisations
  • How you will ensure you are supporting a wide range of people and communities and reaching those most in need
  • How you will know if your work has been successful

You will also be asked about the management and governance of your organisation; to submit a budget; and to confirm that your most recent accounts are available online at the Charity Commission for England and Wales; or to send us this document.

How will grants be assessed?

The Philip and Connie Phillips Foundation’s Board of Trustees will make decisions on all grants. We anticipate many more eligible organisations applying that we can fund, and we will use our criteria, the application form questions and an analysis of your Trustees’ report and accounts to make decisions. On occasion we may ask further clarifying questions or want to speak to someone from your organisation to find out more about your work and how we could help.

The Trustees’ decisions are final. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give feedback on individual applications. If you are unsuccessful you will be able to reapply one year after your application.

Please note, the Foundation may also decide to make some proactive grants to organisations known to the Trustees, whose work may fall outside the scope of these guidelines. We will not be taking applications for our proactive grants.

What happens if a grant is agreed?

If we can support your organisation you will be asked to complete a Grant Offer terms and conditions.

We will also ask you to complete a short monitoring form at the completion of your grant, or at the end of each year if a multi-year grant.

Further applications will only be considered once your completed monitoring form has been received.